The clan practice bonus is a rank 1 bonus to clanned Seanchan, Trolloc, and Human players that essentially serves a form of extra practices since it potentially allows players to distribute practices they would have otherwise spent to a different skill. The specific skill affected is clan specific. Individuals who wish to receive the bonus use the command "tell guardian prerolledstats" - this will result in their selected clan specific practice skill being raised to 78%. Ideally, players should only use this when they are in their default unpracticed state because use of the bonus when the player has already practiced said bonus skill will not refund practices to the player and if their practice percentage is higher than 78% the value will be decreased to 78% potentially resulting in the need for a practice reset.

The specific practice for each clan was selected by the Immortals in an attempt to be both fair to the overall composition of the clan, but also to be in line with the roleplay of the clan. The Immortal staff briefly considered allowing clans to select their own practice skill, but ultimately elected not to proceed down this pathway do to concerns that majority groups in clans would select skills which would be of no benefit to minority members.

Clans compromised of various classes - ie. warriors, hunters, channelers, rogues may find that specific classes will benefit (receive increase practice benefits) more than others. For example, a clan entirely composed of rogues might receive only marginal benefit from a practices in backstab, but a diverse clan with warriors, channelers, and rogues might receive more benefit from search as some members would receive the equivalent of 2 practices for each practice in the skill that they would have otherwise spent.

Clans may now change their clan practice at the cost of 20,000 gold crowns through their clan treasurer.

Clan Skill
Ahf'frait Notice
Black Talon
Blue Ajah Locate Object
Brown Ajah
Child of Light Ride
Civil Watch Attack
Defender of the Stone Ride
Dragonsworn Dodge
Gaidin Excluded
Ghar'ghael* Attack
Gleeman Pick
Gray Ajah
Green Ajah Excluded
Hand of Light Search
Illian Companion Ride
Imperial Army
Iron Fist
Kandori Merchants' Guild
Legion of Unity Notice
Lion Warden
Mandarb a'Shar Pick
Morat'raken Excluded
Morat'torm Track
Red Ajah
Red Eagle
Rising Sun Ride
Saldaean Cavalry Ride
Seanchan Imperial Guard
Shienaran Lancer Track
Sword and Hand
Thiefbane Notice
Valon Guard Notice
Wall Guard Survival
White Ajah
White Leopards
White Tower Light Ball (weave)
Winged Guard Ride
Wolfbrother Excluded
Yellow Ajah

Excluded Clans: Gaidin, Green Ajah, Morat'raken, Wolfbrother. These specific clans already have other forms of bonuses and were excluded.

*When the Ghar'ghael clan practice was changed from bash to attack all hunter members of the clan were given the option to convert permanently warriors. The clan then became warrior only.

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