Every Clan has different trinkets that its members can access at certain ranks, generally having the same stats as the base items they are made from. For some of these clans it is compulsory to wear them, while for others it is optional. Wearing the equipment of other clans, especially Lightside wearing gear of the Shadow or Seanchan, is not strictly forbidden but may have roleplay consequences.

Lightside Clans

Item Clan Base Item
a dress with colored bands at the hem Accepted Unique
a beautifully worked great serpent ring Aes Sedai Gold Ring
(unknown) Black Talon
(unknown) Black Talon
a silver belt adorned with sapphires Blue Ajah Cuendillar Belt
a tawny riding cloak emblazoned with a streith flame Brown Ajah Red Robe
a con bearing the Rising Sun of Cairhien Rising Sun Red Robe
a sunrise-cast pendant Rising Sun Obsidian Pendant
a pure white cloak bearing a golden sunburst Children of the Light Red Robe
a pair of braided silver lightning bolts Children of the Light Obsidian Pendant
a silver shield badge bearing the arms of Tanchico Civil Watch Cuendillar Belt
an obsidian ring with a gold tree engraving Civil Watch Gold Ring
a long, black coat with gold embroidered cuffs Defenders Red Robe
a golden belt with a silver crescent buckle Defenders Cuendillar Belt
a weathered red coat bearing a golden dragon Dragonsworn Red robe
a cuendillar dragon pendant on a simple chain Dragonsworn Obsidian pendant
a forest green cloak with ivy embroidery Forresters Red Robe
a carved talisman of avendesora Forresters Obsidian Pendant
a cloak of shifting colors Gaidin Earthen Brown Mantle
a weathered, storm-gray gorget Gaidin Obsidian Pendant
a gold and silver silk bandana Gleemen Obsidian Pendant
a brightly-colored patchwork cloak Gleemen Red Robe
(unknown) Gray Ajah
a sensual, clinging gown of supple jade silk Green Ajah Red Robe (but exchanges for Decadent Dress)
a white cloak with a crimson crook Hand of the Light Red Robe
a silver clasp engraved with a flaring sunburst Hand of the Light
a green coat embroidered with nine golden bees Illian Companions Red Robe
a jade and gold veined gorget Illian Companions Obsidian Pendant
(unknown) Illuminators
(unknown) Illuminators
a black belt with a silver fist buckle Iron Fist Cuendillar Belt
a polished chain of darkened steel Iron Fist Gold Chain
a ring of braided gold and silver Kin Gold Ring
a tooled leather belt Kin Cuendillar Belt
a black cape with an ivory clasp Legion of Unity Red Robe
an ivory torc ridged with bloodstone Legion of Unity Obsidian Pendant
a red tabard with a vivid red cloak Lion Warden Red Robe
a pair of golden braids woven into the cloak Lion Warden Obsidian Pendant
a blazing red topaz set within a silver teardrop pendant Red Ajah
a crimson cloak of fine Two Rivers wool Red Eagles Red Robe
a blood-red tattoo of a flying eagle Red Eagles Gold Chain
a dark blue riders cape bearing three silver fish Saldaean Cavalry Red Robe
a blue steel torc with silver worked fish Saldaean Cavalry Gold Chain
a black wool cape embroidered with a swooping hawk Shienaran Lancers Earthen Brown Mantle
a white hart pendant Shienaran Lancers Gold Chain
a midnight blue cloak emblazoned with a silver sword Sword and Hand Red Robe
a torc inlaid with silver swords Sword and Hand Obsidian Pendant
a silver-lined black velvet duster Thiefbane Red Robe
an exquisite onyx dagger in a silver chain Thiefbane Obsidian Pendant
(unknown) Valon Guard
(unknown) Valon Guard
a shadowy, silver-lined cape bearing a golden fist Wall Guard Red Robe
a golden choker of interlocking hands Wall Guard Obsidian Pendant
a gown of shimmering white silk White Ajah Red Robe
a blue cape featuring a golden hawk in flight Winged Guard Red Robe
a golden hawk cape pin Winged Guard Obsidian Pendant
a dark grey travelling cloak with silver lining Wisdoms Red Robe
a simple cord with hanging vials and salves Wisdoms Cuendillar Belt
a thick, boarhide belt Wolfbrother Cuendillar Belt
a patchwork cloak of animal hides Wolfbrother Red Robe
a gold mesh belt secured with a white flame clasp Yellow Ajah Cuendillar Belt

Seanchan Clans

Item Clan Base Item
a cloak of fine, black wool trimmed in scarlet Imperial Army Red robe
a collar pin engraved with a raven grasping a spear Imperial Army Gold chain
a raven-clasped belt of tightly woven steel Deathwatch Guard Cbelt
a small silver amulet engraved with ravens Deathwatch Obsidian pendant
a dark riding cape of mottled brown Morat'torm Red robe
a clasp of blackened bronze Morat'torm Obsidian pendant
an elegant black cloak with a green insignia Morat'raken Red robe
a black-laquered nail Morat'raken Gold ring

Darkside Clans

Item Clan Base Item
a dust-covered cloak of the whirlwind Ahf'frait Red Robe
a sapphire whirlwind pendant Ahf'frait Obsidian Pendant
a bloodstained cloak bearing a clenched fist Dhai'mon Decadent Dress
a necklace of bloody human skulls Dhai'mon Obsidian Pendant
a belt with a horned skull buckle Dha'vol Cuendillar Belt
a strand of bleached horned skulls Dha'vol Gold Chain
a coat bearing the ancient symbol of the Aes Sedai Dreadguard Unique
a shadowed cloak adorned with red serpentine scales Ghar'ghael Mantle
a serpent medallion Ghar'ghael Torc
a pelt of black wolfskin matted with blood Ko'bal Red Robe
an onyx circlet engraved with tridents Ko'bal Gold Ring
a moonstone medallion Myrddraal Gold Chain
an inky black cloak Myrddraal Unique

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