A Class is the primary playstyle of a character. A player's class largely determines what abilities and Skills they will gain as they increase in Level, and helps influence the playstyles available.

Class choice is constrained by Race and, in the case of the Channeler class, by Sex, with each Race having some differences in the amount of classes they can choose from. Some classes (or class/race combinations) are only available through the Remort process.

Each class has one or more unique abilities associated with it. For instance, Hunters can Autotrack, while Channelers have the ability to channel Weaves, which function as WoTMUD's magic-like ability.



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Stat ModifiersEdit

The Stats one can roll when creating a character are determined by a combination of Race, Homeland, and Class. The following modifiers are applied based on Class choice.

Class Str Int Wil Dex Con
Warrior +2 0 -1 -1 +2
Hunter 0 0 0 0 0
Rogue -1 0 0 +2 0
Channeler -2 +3 +3 -2 -3

Racial ConstraintsEdit

Class Race
Light Dark Seanchan
Warrior Yes Yes Yes
Hunter Yes Yes Yes
Rogue Yes Yes Yes
Channeler Yes Remort No
Myrddraal No Remort No

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