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Clive is a humanoid quest giver found in Kintara Village, south of Caemlyn. He offers a non-repeatable quest chain that rewards players with various items and equipment upon completion, as well as a repeatable gold bounty on handsome stag scalps (up till level 10).

He is located 5s from the room 'Inside the Southern Gate' of Caemlyn. He can also be reached by going 2d from The Circle of Light, the room where new Lightside players spawn.


"Clive stands here, grinning mischievously.

Tall and lean, this darkly-tanned man gazes about him with dark blue eyes, a wicked grin constantly splitting his face. Gnarled, knobby knuckles crack as he flexes his muscular hands on his old, worn quarterstaff. the area for youngsters in need of guidance and adventure. His darkly tanned skin is in sharp contrast with his fair hair and a scruffy beard covers his narrow chin."

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Zone Room Qty. Notes
The Hills of Kintara The Village of Kintara 1 Quest Giver


Item Slot Rarity
a loose white shirt Chest 1/1
a gnarled wooden staff Wielded 1/1
a pair of baggy breeches Legs 1/1
a pair of light leather boots Feet 1/1


Initial Greeting

Like other newbie quest mobs, when you enter Clive's room he responds with the following mobol after a short delay:

Clive pokes you in the ribs.

Clive says 'You look like a young adventurer in need of some work. If you want to go on a quest, just "say quest"!'

Clive says 'If you are relatively new to the world, I suggest you "say tips". I must say, I am a wealth of information!'
Clive winks suggestively at you.

Main Quest List

Clive has four quests that are designed to teach new players about some of the key basics of the game. His quests usually involve the player going to another notable mobs, asking them about a topic, and then returning to Clive for additional information. Some of the topics covered are:

Quest Items Reward
Why Walk When You Can Ride? an apple
  • a white stable ticket
  • 5 gold crowns
A Place to Stay a plate of yellow peppers and pork 21 gold crowns (in a small purse)
Survival Necessities a lantern -None-
Learning to Fight -None- Choice of:

Additional Bounties

Clive also offers a repeatable bounty for the scalps of the handsome stags found in the area. Each scalp is worth one gold crown. He will only offer this bounty to players up to level 10. verified

Follow-Up Newbie Quests

After the player completes all of Clive's quests he directs them further south to Ross, another newbie quest giver that lives in the village of Glancor.


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