Consider is a command used to give a relative comparison of your character to a mob or other player character. When used, a comparison of level, height, weight, and stockiness is given.

In Game Description[]

Syntax:  consider <target>

Consider gives you a rough estimate of your relative chances of being
able to defeat an opponent in combat. Be aware that it is not always
entirely reliable, and can be vague.

> consider wraith

Level Comparison[]

Consider can be used to compare the level of a character against a mob. This information can be useful, but is complicated by the equipment and the abilities of players and mobs.

Message Lvl Diff
Now where did that chicken go? +10
You could do it with a needle! +5, +6, +7, +8, +9
Easy. +2, +3, +4
Fairly easy. +1
The perfect match 0
You would need some luck! -1
You would need a lot of luck! -2
You would need a lot of luck and great equipment! -3
Do you feel lucky, punk? -4, -5
Are you mad!? -6, -7, -8, -9, -10
You ARE mad! -11

Many lower level mob opponents have been modified to make them easier to be killed by lower level players. For example, a stout young sapling is level 10, but does not fight back and therefore is easy fare for even a level 1 player who is not practiced in their weapon. However, a handsome stag which is level 7 would likely best a level 1 with ease because it fights back and possesses some defense.

The ancient tree, a level 25 mob, can be bested by a low level player who employs better equipment and "hit-flees" (an attack strategy in which you attack and flee from an opponent to maximize your hits and minimize their hits) because ancient trees possess almost no defense and can be hit every round. A huge mountain lion is the same level as an ancient tree and would easily trounce any low level player with its sizable defense which would avoid most attacks.

As a mobs level increases their ability to break a player's defense increases. High level mobs can often break the defense of well equipped defensive characters without event wielding a weapon. Players who wear armor are not concerned about the offensive bonus of their opponents - this is why trolloc armor players routinely kill hideous abonimations and shadowmaulers which are high level mobs and why smob groups prefer to have characters wearing armor buff the main mob.

Channelers can use consider to evaluate their ability to use status weaves like blind against smobs.

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