Containers are items which are able to store a number of other items inside, and which can be often be opened and closed. Containers come in a wide range of weights and storage capacity, and can often be equipped in body slots and/or held.

List of Containers


Item Slot Weight Capacity Rent Value Notes
a backpack | | |Held, Back 1.0 lbs  49.0 lbs  2 16 held |
a belt pack | | |Belt 0.8 lbs  24.2 lbs  7 100 belt |
a brown suede bag on a braided leather cord | | |Waist 0.1 lbs  9.9 lbs  waist |Worn by shopkeepers
a cast iron cooking pot | | |None 4.5 lbs  95.5 lbs  20 30 none |
a finely crafted jewelry box | | |Held 10.0 lbs  5.0 lbs  5 200 held |
a fishing net | | |Held 5.0 lbs  25.0 lbs  3 40 held |
a hope chest | | |None 25.0 lbs  425.0 lbs  500 500 none |
a large spider web | | |Held 0.1 lbs  0.9 lbs  n/a 1 held |
a long-stemmed pipe | | |Held 0.2 lbs  0.6 lbs  1 1 held |
a mixing flask | | |Held 0.3 lbs  0.7 lbs  1 200 held |
a parcel covered in brown paper | | |Held 2.0 lbs  48.0 lbs  n/a held |
a silver serving platter | | |Held 2.0 lbs  199.5 lbs  n/a held |
a small purse | | |Held, Belt 0.5 lbs  19.5 lbs  2 1 held |
a soft leather pouch | | |Held, Belt 0.5 lbs  14.5 lbs  2 3 held |
a thick brown sack | | |Held 0.5 lbs  39.5 lbs  1 11 held |
a worn saddlebag | | |Belt (horse) 0.1 lbs  39.9 lbs  2 14 |belt (horse)Horse Eq
an embroidered, cotton shoulder bag | | |Held, Back 0.8 lbs  24.2 lbs  2 9 held |
an oilskin bag | | |Held, Back, Belt 0.9 lbs  13.0 lbs  2 5 held |

Holiday items

Item Slot Weight Capacity Rent Value Notes
a blue and silver box | | |Held 0.1 lbs  14.9 lbs  n/a 10000 |Christmas
a merrily-wrapped present | | |Held 0.1 lbs  14.9 lbs  n/a 100 |Christmas
a present with a big red bow | | |Held 0.1 lbs  14.9 lbs  n/a 10000 |Christmas
a small elegant velvet box | | |Held 0.1 lbs  14.9 lbs  n/a 10000 |Christmas


Item Base Item
a velvet pouch a soft leather pouch


Item Capacity Description Notes
a battering ram 200.0 lbs  A massive battering ram adorned with shields and moving on wheels is here. Movable
a bloated corpse 120.0 lbs  A bloated and partially decayed corpse lies here.
a bloodsoaked table A long wooden table splattered with blood serves as a grotesque workbench.
a broken down wagon 550.0 lbs  Overgrown grass surrounds an old ramshackle wagon missing one of its wheels.
a burnt-out wagon Gutted by flame, a covered wagon has been reduced to a char-blackened mess.
a catapult 0.0 lbs  A large wooden catapult has been erected here.
a chest 150.0 lbs  A sturdy chest rests in a corner.
a coffin A dark coffin is hidden away here.
a compact chest A compact and dustworn chest rests in a dark corner.
a cupboard A fine old oak cupboard stands here.
a desk 300.0 lbs  A large desk made of fine, thick wood stands across the room from here.
a fallen tree A fallen tree lies upon the ground, seemingly chopped down in haste.
a finely crafted bookshelf 50.0 lbs  A bookshelf made from imported wood stands against the wall here.
a fireplace 499.9 lbs  A large stone fireplace is set into the wall.
a flatbed wagon 300.0 lbs  A flatbed wagon rocks back and forth on spoked wheels. Movable
a forge The master blacksmith's forge is here, blasted by a fierce fire.
a golden chest lined in obsidian A golden chest lies in the corner half obscured by shadows.
a huge steel safe
a jewel-studded chest A golden chest, beset with jewels rests on a pedestal above the water.
a large sink A giant sink sits here, filled with many dirty dishes.
a ledge wagon A small chimney puffs smoke from the roof of a ledge wagon.
a long wooden table 749.9 lbs  A long wooden table offers room for patrons.
a mahogany chest A mahogany chest etched in gold gleams with a dark finish.
a red hot oven 16.0 lbs  An oven stands here, radiating a dry heat.
a sarcophagus 800.0 lbs  A huge stone sarcophagus stands in the middle of the room.
a skeleton A skeleton lies here, the only remains of some unknown adventurer.
a small, golden vault
a small, solidly-built safe A small black safe sits in the corner, barely noticeable.
a strongbox A solid metal safe rests on the floor.
a sword rack 24.0 lbs  An ornately carved sword rack hangs on the wall.
a table 4.9 lbs  A small, somewhat rickety table wobbles on unsteady legs.
a torchholder 0.5 lbs  An iron sconce is embedded into the wall.
a trolloc cookpot 100.0 lbs  A trolloc cookpot, couched in a bed of coals, boils with human flesh.
a vine A large frost-covered vine is here, bare as the winter snow. (winter)
a wall-safe A small safe is set in the wall.
a weapon rack 160.0 lbs  A weapon rack stands on the ground here, ready to store weapons.
a wooden barrel 980.0 lbs  A stout wooden barrel stands nearby.
a wooden crate 80.0 lbs  A sturdy wooden crate stands here.
an altar An altar gives off an eerie pulse.
an ethereal chest An ethereal chest flickers in and out of existence here.
an oak dresser 20.0 lbs  A beautifully carved oak dresser.
an old chest 800.0 lbs  Tucked away in the corner, a stone chest collects untold ages of dust.


Item Base Item
a crate of wine a wooden crate

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