Crafting Guilds are the base form of crafting that enable a player to craft the raw materials needed for use in the various Weapons Guilds and Armor Guilds.

Joining the Guilds

Each of these locations will enable you to join all three crafting guilds to produce Iron Ore, Iron Bars, Wooden Poles, and Leather Straps:

Village of Alindaer (Alindaer)
A Roadside Inn (Illian Road)
The Hitching Post (Rhahime Village)
A Large Farmhouse (Tarendrelle Village)

Say I wish to join your crafting guild
You say 'I wish to join your crafting guild'
A grand master says 'Very well. For a fee of 160 gold crowns you may become an apprentice of the smelting, woodworking and leatherworking guild.'

Give 160 crown master
You give him 160 crowns.
A grand master says 'Welcome as an apprentice to the smelting guild. Find the old miner in Baerlon. He will teach you to mine and smelt. You can find mines northwest of Deven Ride, in the Braem wood, in Garen's Wall and in the Spine east of Cairhien.'
A grand master says 'Welcome as an apprentice to the woodworking guild. Find the sawmill in Altara, or Amadicia and ask the lumberjacks there about woodworking.'
A grand master says 'Welcome as an apprentice to the leatherworking guild. Find the woman near the lakeshore south of Rhahime Nialle or east of Far Madding and ask her about leather.'

List of Guilds

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