Crafting items are the raw materials and some of the finished goods used in the various forms of Crafting and Sidetrades.

List of Crafting items

Item Weight Rent Value Use
a bar of iron 10.0 lbs 50
a bolt of cloth 1.0 lbs 10
a cask of blue dye
a cask of fine red wine
a cask of fishoil 5.0 lbs 45 Leatherworking
a cask of light white wine
a cask of red dye
a cask of yellow dye
a dull-gleaming hunk of rock 5.0 lbs 4000
a freshly skinned hide
a hammer 4.0 lbs 1 15
a knot of leather straps 1.0 lbs
a large round cheese
a long hollow needle 0.1 lbs 10
a needle and thread 0.1 lbs 10
a packet of soap
a piece of iron ore 10.0 lbs 45
a sharp pickaxe 2.0 lbs 2 Mining
a shimmering white sandstone 2.5 lbs 5000 Glassmaking
a silvery-blue sandstone 2.5 lbs 5000 100 Glassmaking
a smooth wooden pole 5.0 lbs
a soft beaver pelt
a soft coyote pelt
a soft mink pelt
a spool of yarn 2.5 lbs 0
a thick square candle made of beeswax 0.3 lbs 1 2
an empty wooden spool 0.1 lbs 10 20