Dark points are the points used by myrddraal to fuel their Myrddraal skills, similar to how Spell points are used by channelers. Dark points are abbreviated as DPs. Much like Hit points (HPs), DPs regenerate on each half-tic. (Is this true?)

Total Dark points

DPs are derived from a character's Wil stat, and the maximum amount of DPs a character will receive by level 30 is directly dependent on this stat. Levels above and beyond 30 do not increase a myrddraal's pool of DPs.

The maximum any myrddraal can have is 163 (with 19 Wil), and every point of Wil below 19 will reduce this total by 7 points.

This can be expressed as:

where Wil = the Willpower of the myrddraal
and Level = the myrddraal's Experience level

where Level is a maximum of 30.

Using Dark points

DPs are used up whenever a myrddraal successfully completes a Myrddraal skill. If they get interrupted during the process (such as by getting hit), or they cancel the skill before it is completed, they are not deducted DPs. If they fail the skill, they are still deducted DPs, and they are also deducted DPs if they fail to afflict a target with a status.Verify?

Different Myrddraal skills use different amounts of DPs. However, to be able to use a Myrddraal skill, a myrddraal must have double the amount of DPs the Myrddraal skill requires.Verify?

Unlike channelers, there are no known angreal or ter'angreal which can reduce the amount of DPs needed for using a given Myrddraal skill.Verify?

Edit: The first two "verify" statements are incorrect. The third is accurate.

Status Messages

Status Dark Points
Bursting 100%
None 0

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