1. Be level 30.
2. Be active in pk.
3. Be respectful of those around you.
4. Mail an active General explaining who you are and your interest in the Deathwatch Guard.
5. Follow the procedures outlined at the time of application.


  • Rank 1: Soldier
  • Rank 2: Guard
  • Rank 3: Sergeant
  • Rank 4: Lieutenant
  • Rank 5: Captain
  • Rank 6: Officer
  • Rank 7: General
  • Rank 8: Commander
  • Rank 9: Field Marshal

Clan Gear

Equipment Retools

  • Kit 1
    • <worn on head> a kabuto adorned with plumes of black iron
    • <worn on body> a darkly lacquered Imperial steel cuirass
    • <worn on arms> a pair of dark green lacquered vambraces
    • <worn on hands> a pair of blood red iron barbed gauntlets
    • <worn on legs> a pair of dark green lacquered steel greaves
    • <worn on feet> a pair of riveted Imperial steel boots
  • Kit 2
    • <worn on head> a studded blackened leather kabuto
    • <worn on body> a crimson lacquered lamellar cuirass
    • <worn on arms>
    • <worn on hands>
    • <worn on legs>
    • <worn on feet>

Human General
PRC Charging Boars
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