This article is about the defensive statistic. For other uses, see Dodge.

Dodge bonus (DB) is a defensive bonus which is similar to parry bonus (PB), with some notable differences, however.

A character's dodge bonus is a rating of his ability to dodge attacks completely without taking any damage. Unlike parry bonus, dodge bonus is not split when fighting multiple enemies. On the other hand, dodge bonus is lowered much more when bashed than parry bonus is.

In addition, dodge bonus suffers the greatest penalty from encumbrance due to worn/carried weight than parry bonus or offensive bonus.

A character's naked dodge bonus is a function of their dexterity (Dex), level, and prac% in "Dodge", a Rogue skill.

Dodge bonus can be increased with various pieces of armor and trinkets, as well as by use of the "Armor" weave.

A character's Ride level, when mounted, can also lower their dodge bonus, with higher Ride levels lowering it less.

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