Weave Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Clan? No
Elements 4E
Sps 15 SPs
Pulses 8
Duration n/a
On Self? No
On Engaged? Yes
While Engaged? Yes

Earthquake is a offensive weave which when successfully cast will deal damage to all players and mobs in the room (including those that are flying) except for the caster and the horse they are mounted on. After being cast, the caster is engaged on all targets in the room. There are significant complications associated with the use of this spell due to the nature of face-off and the player-mount relationship. When this spell is cast by a player who is within a group the group mates are engaged upon the caster, but faceoff may force them to be engaged upon each other. More complicated still, the players horses will engage the caster and they too may be distributed through faceoff against the group. If a player is engaged upon their own horse through faceoff their horse will dismount them resulting potentially in widespread dismounting of the group.

In general, darkside is much more tolerant of the use of earthquake even when their own group takes damage because of the dreadlord position in the darkside hierarchy and because earthquake is often used to negate numerous human channelers who would otherwise not have their weaves interrupted and would need to be targeted individually.

Humanside tends to be much less tolerant of the use of earthquake due the faceoff related complications described above, the risk of numerous players receiving warrants when human guard mobs are struck by the spell, the fact that earthquake engages the channeler potentially resulting in slower chasing, and in general the lower position of humans who use earthquake in the human hierarchy (in general, it tends to be used by wilder channelers who don't not have access to another spell).

A channeler using this spell would normally be advised to separate from their group before casting the spell to avoid faceoff complications.

This spell previously was much longer in casting length and its shortening has created previously unseen scenarios in which a channeler (usually a dreadlord) is able to use an angreal to essentially destroy entire human groups.

This spell is similar in nature to sonic boom though sonic boom is more friendly to the caster's group though less damaging when cast and longer in casting length.

This spell is available to wilder channelers though it has a requirement of 4E. It does not require targeting and casting this spell without a target in the room (perhaps they have fled) will result in sps being expended and a zone wide emote.

Syntax: channel 'earthquake'