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Encumbrance is a term used to describe the various effects of worn and carried weight on a player character or mob.

Weight Limits

Carried Weight Limit

Both player characters and mobs have a limit on the total weight of items in their inventory.

Player Characters:


Worn Weight Limit

Both player characters and mobs have a limit on the total weight of items that can be equipped or worn.

Player Characters:


Total Weight Limit

Total Weight Limit (lbs) = Max Weight Carried + Max Weight Worn


Weight Messages Table

You are carrying 0.0 lbs and wearing 0.0 lbs, peanuts.

The following messages are based on fractions of the Total Weight Limit defined above:

Percent Message
0 to <20% peanuts
20% to <30% very light
30% to <40% light
40% to <50% fairly light
50% to <60% somewhat heavy
60% to <70% heavy
70% to <80% moderately heavy
80% to <90% really heavy
90% to <100% incredibly heavy
100% maxed out


OB, DB, and PB are all reduced by added weight, being multiplied by an encumbrance factor, before rounding, given as follows.

Offensive bonus

Dodge bonus

Parry bonus

Movement points


Regen rates for Movement points are also reduced by the effects of encumbrance, as a function of the Total Weight Allowance mentioned above.

Regen Rate (MVs) =
Note that means the greatest integer less than or equal to .

Where BaseRegen denotes the MVs regen rate for a given position when wearing and carrying no weight.

Room MVs Cost

In a similar manner, when worn/carried weight equals or exceeds 80% of the Total Weight Allowance, a 1-MVs penalty is added to the MVs cost to enter any room. So, from 80% to <90%, a 2-MVs room will instead cost 3 MVs to enter. For each additional 10% weight increase, an additional 1-MV penalty is incurred.

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