Experience, commonly abbreviated as Exp or XP, is a measure of progress towards higher Levels. After gaining a certain amount of experience, players will advance to the next level, which not only results in higher Hit points and more practices but also affects many other areas. Experience is earned solely through combat, whether against mobs or other player characters.

Guide - Exping

Experience Levels


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The following table shows the relationship between level, the experience required for that level, and the experience difference from the previous level:

Level Exp. Exp. Diff Level Exp. Exp. Diff Level Exp. Exp. Diff
1 1 N/A 18 2700000 450000 35 32500000 4000000
2 1000 999 19 3200000 500000 36 36500000 4000000
3 3000 2000 20 3750000 550000 37 40500000 4000000
4 7000 4000 21 4350000 600000 38 44500000 4000000
5 15000 8000 22 5000000 650000 39 48500000 4000000
6 30000 15000 23 5700000 700000 40 53500000 5000000
7 60000 30000 24 6450000 750000 41 58500000 5000000
8 120000 60000 25 7250000 800000 42 63500000 5000000
9 220000 100000 26 8100000 850000 43 68500000 5000000
10 340000 120000 27 9000000 900000 44 73500000 5000000
11 505000 165000 28 10000000 1000000 45 78500000 5000000
12 700000 195000 29 12000000 2000000 46 83500000 5000000
13 930000 230000 30 14500000 2500000 47 88500000 5000000
14 1200000 270000 31 17500000 3000000 48 93500000 5000000
15 1500000 300000 32 21000000 3500000 49 98500000 5000000
16 1850000 350000 33 24500000 3500000 50 103500000 5000000
17 2250000 400000 34 28500000 4000000 51 108500000 5000000

Gaining Experience

Experience can only be gained through combat, whether with mobs or other players.

Hit Exp

Experience given from inflicting damage is calculated the same way whether done with bare hands, kicking, wielding a weapon, weaving, or any other form of inflicting damage such as bash, charge, throw, and backstab. It is calculated as follows:

Note that means the greatest integer less than or equal to .

Kill Hit Exp

Kill hit experience is given when the final killing damage is dealt to a mob. The amount given depends not only on the level of the mob being fought, but also on your level and whether or not you are solo or grouped.

Ungrouped player characters who are over level 30 will only receive Kill Hit Exp if grouped with a mob or another player character. If solo, they will receive only the Hit Exp for the killing blow.

Solo Exp

For mobs of level 10 and below, Solo Kill Hit Exp is calculated as follows:

For mobs of level 10 and above, Solo Kill Hit Exp is calculated as follows:

Group Exp & Pets

When grouped, a bonus is given to the Kill Hit Exp, calculated as follows:

Exp Cap

The maximum amount of experience able to be gained per hit is equal to 1/10th of the experience difference between your current and next level, rounded down to the nearest integer. The same applies to kill hits as well, though the actual amount given in this case can be up to twice as much as the experience given is a combination of the kill hit exp itself and the exp from the final hit.

Personnel Trainers

The personnel trainers in Four Kings and Amadicia will provide rewards for certain scalps, depending on player level. Each scalp will be rewarded with exp up to the cap for that level.

Losing Experience

Small amounts of experience can be lost when fleeing. Greater amounts of experience are lost when a character dies at the hands of a mob (mobrip) or another player character (PK rip), or through dying from mortal wounds.


Note that 'ExpDiff' is equal to the amount of Exp needed to go from your previous Level to the current, as shown in the Exp Table.

Creature Experience Values (~Lvl 45, with chicken as pet)

All values are approximate:

Mob Experience
a black bear 19k
a blighted elk 31k
a blighted tree 33k
a boar 5k
a bobcat 5k
a bull rhinoceros 31k
a carnivorous plant 30k
a ferocious salamander 67k
a gaping maw 33k
a ghealdan bandit 16k
a giant ant 97k
a giant antlion 88k
a giant, bubbling black ooze 30k
a giant emperor crab 48k
a giant horned lizard 70k
a giant scorpion 30k
a giant spider 13k
a gray man 33k
a great vine 25k
a grunting cave-dweller 60k
a hairy aurochs 20k
a hard-shelled clencher 16k
a hideous trolloc 27k
a hideous abomination 143k
a huge grizzly bear 23k
a huge mountain lion 31k
a janguar 9k
a large plains bear 16k
a large zebra 61k
a lioness 28k
a lithe woman 49k
a moss-covered tree 69k
a plains lion 45k
a rabid wolf 49k
a red-skinned, wild lopar 110k
a ro 34k
a sandsnake 49k
a sabre-toothed mountain lion 58k
a scarecrow 13k
a shivering tree 28k
a spine-backed snake 46k
a strange lizard 32k
a swamp cat 19k
a territorial grolm 98k
a three-needle pine 31k
a tiger 31k
a tusked pig 31k
a twisted tree 28k
a vernarsh 8k
a waterlizard 45k
a worm 118k
a wild mushroom 49k
a wilted tree 9k
a zebra 28k
a zombie 71k
an elk 10k
an enormous scorpion 41k
an owlbear 71k
the ancient tree 32k
the animated roots 42k
the black lizard 98k
the enormous worm 96k
the giant tarantula 133k
the rabid bear 21k
the Shadowmauler 121k
the writhing grass 49k

Values taken from wotmud forums, original post by Khahliana.

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