Zone Statistics
Zone 091 - Fal Dara Road.png
Release date Unknown edit
Status Active
Region Tar Valon
Number 091
Grid (6,6)
Repop Unknown edit
Creator Unknown edit

Fal Dara Road is a zone located just east of the city of Tar Valon.

Zone Connections[edit | edit source]

Towns[edit | edit source]

Doors[edit | edit source]

Items[edit | edit source]

Portable[edit | edit source]

Item Room Qty. Notes

Stationary[edit | edit source]

Item Room Qty. Notes

Mobs[edit | edit source]

Smobs[edit | edit source]

Mob Room Qty. Notes
a forest brigand leader Inside the Hill/Bend in the Tunnel/Thawing Chamber 1 wanders w/ 5x forest brigands
Aren a'Raen Center of the Wagons 1

Horses[edit | edit source]

Mob Room Qty. Notes

Other[edit | edit source]

Mob Room Qty. Notes
a brigand sentry 2
a forest brigand 5 With a forest brigand leader
Tar Valon
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