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Zone 052 - Falme
Release date Unknown edit
Status Active
Region Toman Head
Number 052
Grid Unknown edit
Repop Unknown edit
Creator Sinprejic and Sayuja

Falme is a zone and the principal town of the region of Toman Head and is the main hub of the Seanchan race since the removal of the Seanchan mainland. Falme is home to the Clan Bases of the Deathwatch Guard, Morat'raken, Morat'torm, and Imperial Army clans.

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Town infoEdit


Entrances and ExitsEdit

  • East Gate - Opens to the Toman Head Road, leading to Katar. The gate is located 2E, 2N, 3W of the Waterfront Square.


  • Center Wharf - The Dockmaster here can take you to Isle Jafar, if you "say may i serve the empress elsewhere" and "order departure" once loaded. It is located 1W of the Waterfront Square.
  • South Dock - The Dockmaster here can take you to the Seanchan Shore, using the same commands. It is located 2S, 1W of the Waterfront Square.



The Falme Bank is located 2W, 2N, 2E, 1S of the Waterfront Square.


The Plum Blossom Inn is located 1E, 1S of the Waterfront Square.


A small stable is located 3N, 2E, 1N, 1E, 1N, 1W of the Waterfront Square.

Practice MobsEdit

Master BlacksmithEdit

The Falme's Master Blacksmith is located 3N, 2E, 1N, 1W, 1N of the Waterfront Square. Come here if you wish to Hone and Harden their weapons.



Crier QuestsEdit

Crier quests may be started by speaking to the Falme town crier located in Waterfront Square.

Main article: Falme Crier Quests

Adventurer QuestsEdit

Adventurer quests may be started by speaking to a grizzled old adventurer located ??

Main article: Falme Adventurer Quests

Zone infoEdit


Name Search Lock Pick Key Room



Item Room Qty. Notes


Item Room Qty. Notes



Mob Room Qty. Notes
High Lady Suroth 1
Silvak Kalcainus 1


Mob Room Qty. Notes


Mob Room Qty. Notes
a cheerful wrapping clerk Market Square 1 Christmas-only
a dark-eyed lamplighter Various
a grizzled old adventurer 1
a talented tailor 1
an artifact collector 1
the Falme town crier Waterfront Square 1
the seamstress Tilsi's Stitchery and Embroidery 1
Toman Head
Cities Falme
Smobs High Lady Suroth • Silvak Kalcainus
Zones Falme • Toman Head Road
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