Far Madding is an independent city-state in the region of Far Madding. The city comprises two zones, New Far Madding North and New Far Madding South. The city is home to the clan base of the Wall Guard.

Important! You must have your weapon sheathed inside Far Madding. If the guards see you with a weapon drawn they will throw you in jail.


Entrances and Exits

  • The Caemlyn Gate in the northern end of Far Madding exits to the Ajalon Bridge and allows passage to Glancor.
  • The Illian Gate in the southwest exits towards the Far Madding countryside.
  • The Tear Gate in the southeast exits towards the eastern lake around Far Madding.



Banking services are located: West, North from Crier at The Currency Exchange House.


A high-level Inn, The Golden Wheel Inn, is located: East, North, Up from the Crier at the Reception of the Golden Wheel.


Stabling can be found on the northern side of the city, located 1e of the Inn.

Practice Mobs

Master Blacksmith

The Master Blacksmith of Far Madding is located at Fine Smithwork of Far Madding 3 South, 1 East of the Crier.


The ? Guild is located ?



Crier Quests

Crier quests may be started by speaking to the Far Madding town crier located in /

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