Weave Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Clan? No
Elements 2S
Sps 15 SPs
Pulses 13
Duration 3 Tics
On Self? No
On Engaged? Yes
While Engaged? Yes

This weave applies the Fear status to the target. This status currently has the following effects on the target:

  • Unable to follow; if already following, they will continue doing so.
  • Difficult to initiate non-channeler combat timers (e.g., Bash, Backstab).
  • Cannot give orders to mobs.
  • If used on a master mob or pet, they will not respond to any orders.
  • If the target is engaged in combat, they will fail to attack during the combat round about 33% of the timeVerify?
  • On a small (i.e., single digit) chance, players will fail flees at the outset, similar to the "PANIC!" failed flees.

Syntax: channel 'fear' <target>

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