Weave Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Clan? Yes
Elements 7F
Sps 15 SPs
Pulses 14
Duration n/a
On Self? No
On Engaged? Yes
While Engaged? Yes

Fireball is a high-damage weave that can be practiced by male and female channelers. The weave hurls a fireball at the target, doing a large amount of damage when weather conditions are ideal. Fireball is highly weather-dependent, delivering high damage in hot, dry weather and much lower damage in cold, rainy, or snowy weather.

Fireball's cold weather equivalent is Ice Spikes.

Syntax: channel 'fireball' <target>


Testing suggests the following approximate values for Fireball's damage in dry weather, according to temperature:

Temperature Damage
40-95 degrees 8d16 (about 68 damage on average)
30-35 degrees 12d6 (about 42 on average)
20-25 degrees 13d4 (about 34 on average)
0-15 degrees 15d3 (about 30 on average)

The distribution of possible values for damage is very broad, particularly in hot weather, meaning there is a lot of variation in how much damage a fireball will do. Based on the values above, 95% of fireballs in hot, dry weather would do between 43 and 93 damage.

In rainy weather, fireballs will "fizzle" causing a reduction in the damage. The precise extent of this reduction is not yet well tested.


Fireball requires level 7 element practices in fire which means the weave is only available to those with access to elements above level 4 (specific human clans, male channelers, and those who serve the Shadow). Achieving the elemental requirements to practice fireball is very expensive and will limit the diversity of the weaves a character can acquire, especially if the character is also seeking to practice Travel. Level 7 fire allows access to a limited group of additional weaves including flame strike (which requires 4 fire) and incinerate (which requires 7 fire).


Fireball is very useful in northern PK as many of the predominant zones where players battle feature hot weather all of the time, or for a significant portion of the game day.

Bash and fireball have equivalent timer lengths. Therefore, a channeler who fights a bashing opponent and times their attacks accordingly should be able to trade a fireball per attempted bash. The success of this strategy is dependent upon a number of things, but the strategy favors the channeler in the sense that they are directly delivering damage while the opponent needs to successfully land a bash and successfully land blows. If the channeler dodges the bash, deflects the hits, or flees from the bash after only 1 blow it is likely the channeler will out damage their opponent.

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