Fish Oil (Sidetrade)
Release date Unknown edit
Required Item 1 a cast iron cooking pot
Required Item 2 a thick brown sack
Required Item 3 a brightly colored carrot
Required Item 4 a fish 2x
Zone N. of Mayene
Teaching Room The Golden Crane Tavern
Crafting Room Behind a Merchant's House

Fish Oil is one of the crafting sidetrades available. Fishoil is used in the leatherworking craft and can also be sold to certain shops. The location where fishoil is produced is found in the village just North of Mayene.

Learning[edit | edit source]

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Commands[edit | edit source]

  • gut fish
  • put fish pot
  • put fish crusher
  • lure mule carrot
  • collect pulp
  • get cask

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Item Produced[edit | edit source]

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