Weave Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Clan? Yes
Elements 4F
Sps 10 SPs
Pulses 9
Duration n/a
On Self? No
On Engaged? Yes
While Engaged? Yes

Flame Strike is an offensive weave that shoots streaks of fire at a target, causing a low-to-moderate amount of damage. Testing suggests that the weave is not weather-dependent, meaning it causes the same amount of damage in all weather conditions (unlike several other damage weaves). The approximate damage is 9d6 (about 31.5 damage on average).

Syntax: channel 'flame strike' <target>


The element requirement of 4 fire makes the weave a natural choice for any channelers who also practice the Fireball weave, which requires 7 fire. Because it is not dependent on weather, it can serve as an all-purpose, short-timed weave.

Timing and strategy[]

The weave has a relatively short timer, requiring only 9 pulses to weave. This is shorter than the time it takes to weave higher damage weaves, such as Ice Spikes and Fireball. This short timer is significant for several reasons. First, the weave can be woven between combat rounds (which are 12 pulses apart) if the player has good timing, making it possible to avoid being interrupted by normal weapon damage (assuming the opponents do not have attack). Second, if two opposing channelers start weaving at the same time, a short weave will be completed before a long weave, causing the longer weave to be interrupted. Finally, players have less time to flee before the weave is completed, making it useful for finishing off opponents who are near death and fleeing.

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