"Fleelag" builds up every time you flee, starting at 0 - meaning you flee right away.

Every next flee, your flee goes off after you flee and wait the amount of 'pulses' of fleelag you have built up.

The amount the fleelag goes up is rumored to be determined by this formula:

  • if a random number [0,19] > than your wil, you get 2 flee pulses, else 1

On a tic, your fleelag is reduced by the a factor that is known as "Wil Factor", either 3 or 2:

  • Wil factor = 3 (wil = 12-19)
  • Wil factor = 2 (wil = 1-11) *due to wil factor 0 and 1 getting bumped up to 2

For example, if you have built up 12 fleelag pulses, after a tic your fleelag wil be 4 (12 divided by 3) for 12+ WIL chars. It wil be 6 (12 divided by 2) for all other chars.