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This is the hello page. I started this wiki to be a permanent, easy to edit and very unlikely to be destroyed or suddenly become unsponsored wiki for the most enduring gaming experience I've ever encountered: WoTMUD. I have been away from the MUD for almost 10 years and so many things change that it makes my head spin. All those changes and the lack of a centralized place to keep up not only with current data but also take a peek at legacy information to see how things actually used to be is what prompted me to start this wiki. Eventually if this project grows it will become useful for me to establish guidelines for what this wiki is not (e.g., "this is not a MUD walkthrough site"), but for now let's just have fun growing it and stacking as much information as possible now. I will be actively organizing data and restructuring articles for readability as time goes on.

Thank you for visiting and keep the additions and edits coming!

For those who choose to use their MUD main's name as a login here, please remember that data recorded here can identify you by IP and information you entire has a record tail that will follow you for the life of the article -- evidence which could lead to discovery or linking between your chars. With that in mind, if you have any character privacy concerns please do not use your character names here.

TheGiantPotato 10:26, 30 July 2009 (UTC)