Weave Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Clan? Yes
Elements 7E 4S
Sps 40 SPs
Pulses 50
Duration Unknown edit
On Self? n/a
On Engaged? n/a
While Engaged? No

Syntax: channel 'gate' <earthcode>

The gate weave opens a gateway to the specific room identified by the earthcode. Players may pass through it, and so move between the origin and destination rooms, using the enter gate / enter portal command.

Gateways last a limited time and the weave drains 5 additional SPs for each person or mob (including horses) that goes through it while it is open. This drain can be avoided by releasing the source before people enter and not embracing again until the next tic. The earthcode for a room may be obtained by weaving gate without any additional argument in that room. One will be unable to obtain an earthcode in certain rooms, and one cannot even open an outgoing gateway from a subset of these places. Earthcodes last until the channeler dies and loses experience (e.g. not from a deathtrap or emote). Attempts to open a gateway using a bad or expired eathcode will fail.

Like the travel weave, the range of the gate weave is limited by the caster's prac percentage in the gate weave. Attempting to gate using a valid but out of range earthcode results in a gateway opening to a random location. One can identify the room a gate connects to through the examine portal command, so it is prudent to check before entering to confirm that the target was in range and the gate goes to the expected room.

Gateways collapse randomly on tic either one, two, or three tics after their creation, with collapse after two tics being the most common. They also collapse early if too many people not grouped with the caster attempt to enter the portal. Led (not ridden) ungrouped horses can also collapse gates in this way. Gateways also destroy the first item on the ground in both the origin and destination rooms, although certain permanent items like fountains are not effected.

As with travel and fade, an attempt to open a gateway or obtain an earthcode has a high chance of failure if the caster has no quit status.

Access to the gate weave is limited. This weave can currently be learned only by female channelers who have reached full Sisterhood in the White Tower, dreadlords, male channelers, and perhaps certain others.

In rooms where a channeler has recently travelled or gated, the special command channel 'gate' follow will open a gateway to the destination that was travelled to.

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