Gem Mining
Release date Unknown edit
Required Item 1 200 crowns for Guild Membership Fee
Required Item 2 a shovel
Required Item 3 a stack of sieves
Required Item 4 None edit
Required Item 5 Noneedit
Required Item 6 Noneedit
Required Item 7 Noneedit
Required Item 8 Noneedit
City Unknown edit
Guild Room Unknown edit
Crafting Room Unknown edit

The Gem Mining sidetrade is a sidetrade used to mine raw sediment and transform it into gemstones.

Joining[edit | edit source]

Find the a Prospector outside the Silver Mines, and near the Lizard King.

You say 'help'

A prospector looks at you.

A prospector chews his moustache.

A prospector says 'So you want to try your hand at making a fortune, do you?'

A prospector says 'If you pay me 200 gold crowns, I'll let you in on all the tricks of the trade.'

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Items Crafted[edit | edit source]

Weapons Normal
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