Hide is a Rogue skill used to attempt to avoid detection by mobs or player characters, as well as to hide items from the view of others.

An Update on March 10, 2012 added the ability to hide outdoors, when practiced to higher levels,How high? an ability associated with the now-deprecated (but still functional) Camouflage skill.


Hide is generally a necessity when attempting to backstab a mob or player, and is also useful when attempting to steal from a mob or player. When used in this manner, the hide skill may be countered through use of the notice or search skills.

Syntax: hide

When hidden entering most commands will break hide. A typo-ed command will not break hide, nor will a blank enter command, but a command that is unsupported or exclusive will break hide.

Example: entering the fade command on a human character will give the Arglebargle, glop-glyf!?! message like a typo, but will break hide.

The following list of commands will not break hide once hidden:[]

Note: when hidden and using the look command the look emote is not seen in room.

These unsupported commands do not break hide:[]

Hide Item[]

The hide skill can also be used to hide items, which can be revealed by use of the search skill.

Syntax: hide <item>

In Game Description[]

Syntax:  hide
         hide <object>

Thief skill:
Hide allow you to attempt to avoid the eyes of others who may be watching.
When hidden successfully the only creatures which can see you are those
with some extrasensory ability to detect hidden life. This ability to avoid
the view of other makes this skill almost a necessity to backstab someone,
and a great benefit to the thief who may be attempting to borrow an item
from an unwary bystander.

Hide also allows you to hide an item which can later be revealed through

> hide bag
> hide

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