Hinderstap Village is a village located west-and-north of Lugard and subjected to a bubble of evil resulting in a transition of the peaceful town dwellers into violent living dead as night falls (6pm). It is a source of unique non-rentable weapons and items.

Adventurers should be cautioned - players who meet their demise in the town will find that their corpses disappear as the zone transitions between day and night.

The zone repopulates itself with its murderous occupants every night, but the strongbox (which loads items) only reloads itself at true zone "repop". Players who reach the box before actual repop will find it unlocked and empty.

Hinderstap Quest

Madry - Mardry the villager grins with bloodlust here. - a large wood and metal key

Sammrie - Sammrie the cooper rages loudly here. - an elegantly carved key

Tobrad - Tobrad stands here, grunting incoherently. - a broken table leg. Unnecessary for the quest.

Barlden - Barlden stands here, with a feral rage in his eyes. Protected by 4 violent male villagers. - a large cast iron key

A wife - The mayor's wife quietly draws a knife here. Frequently found within the "manordoor". - a dusty key

The "strongbox" is located within the "milldoor" and "trapdoor" at the entrance to the town.

Additional roaming mobs

a screeching village woman

a violent male villager

Unique Items Found here:

A metal banded strongbox rests here:

a cleaver of steel

the battle flail of Shol Arbela

an orange coral ring

Blight Killer