Hit is a command to attack the specified target. Note, this may not work on flying targets if they are outdoors. 'Hit' is synonymous with 'kill' or simply just 'k'.

In Game DescriptionEdit Edit


Syntax:  kill <victim>        hit <victim>

The use of 'kill' or 'hit' starts a battle with whomever you attempt to kill.

> kill elk

Advanced Usage:

> kill male             - attack a male PC or NPC
> kill female           - attack a female PC or NPC

> kill human            - attack a human PC
> kill trolloc          - attack a Trolloc PC
> kill fade/myrddraal   - attack a Myrddraal PC 
> kill dreadlord        - attack a Dreadlord PC

* Press <Return> to continue, q to quit *>

> k greyman             - attack a Greyman PC
> kill seanchan         - attack a Seanchan PC
> kill ogier            - attack an Ogier PC
> kill aiel             - attack an Aiel PC

> kill light            - attack any human, Seanchan, Ogier or Aiel PCs
> kill dark             - attack any Shadowspawn PCs

> kill wanted           - attack a PC who is warranted by the justice clan 
                          in which you serve

> k <clan name>         - attack a PC in a specific clan. 

    Note the following exceptions:
    > kill red          - attack a PC in the Red Ajah
    > kill eagle        - attack a PC in the Red Eagles

* Press <Return> to continue, q to quit *>
    > kill white        - attack a PC in the White Ajah
    > kill tower        - attack a PC in the White Tower, inc. Novices, 
                          Accepted, Ajahs, Tower Guard and Gaidin
    > kill leopard      - attack a PC in the White Leopards

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