Shop Info
Release date Unknown edit
Type Grocery
Location Thakan'dar
Proprietor Unknown edit
Hours Unknown edit
Sell Rate 1.4x - 1
Buy Rate 0.7x - 1
Special Unknown edit

Horde Commissary is a Grocery shop located in Thakan'dar.

Inventory on Boot

Item Cost Notes
a backpack 22 coppers
a thick brown sack 15 coppers
a mixing flask 279 coppers
a package of iron rations 30 coppers
a packet of dried brown forkroot 139 coppers
a plain hood 8 coppers
a skin of human flesh of blood 6 coppers
a splintered crimson skull 909 coppers
a wide leather belt 16 coppers
a wooden bucket 4 coppers
an axe harness 20 coppers