Horses are mobs that can be led and ridden by non-Trolloc player characters. Riding allows players to travel longer distances without depleting their own MVs.

Like pets, they can also be Grouped when led, granting a bonus to Experience according to their level, with lower-level horses giving the largest bonus.

Horses can be found in various places, including stables and dedicated Pet shops. Many horses can be found roaming in the world and, through appropriate commands, can be made to follow.

A benefit of buying a horse at a Pet shop is that you can name the horse when you buy it, "buy warhorse lightning" for example. Now you can "ride lightning" or "lead lightning" while with a group for easier Horse targeting.

Hunters get a 50% damage bonus versus horses.

List of Horses[]

Mob Level MVs Regen Description
a bloodstock stallion 16 50 32 A Tairen bloodstock stallion stands here, tail swaying with the breeze.
a Domani razor 16 50 32 Eyes keen, a Domani razor stands here swishing its tail.
a warhorse 15 50 30 A warhorse is here, stamping his feet impatiently.
a chestnut stallion 15 50 30 A chestnut stallion trots about.
an Illianer steed 14 50 28 An Illianer steed stands here proudly, its black mane glistening.
a dust-colored gelding 14 50 28 A tall dust-colored gelding prances in a circle here.
a gray palfrey 12 50 24 A gray palfrey prances skittishly nearby.
a prancing palomino mare 11 50 22 Prancing about on dainty feet, a palomino mare stands here.
a wild stallion 10 50 20 A wild stallion bucks madly.
a plodding ox 10 50 20 A plodding ox wanders here.
a black stallion 9 50 18 A black stallion prances about.
a white-maned pony 8 50 16 A sturdy white-maned pony tosses its head here.
a roan charger 8 50 16 A sturdy roan colored horse stands alert.
a dun mare 6 50 12 A dun mare is here, snorting angrily.
a cow 6 50 12 A brown cow is here, chewing thoughtfully.
a draft horse 6 50 12 A draft horse is here.
a shaggy brown mare 5 50 10 A shaggy brown mare stands here.
a spotted horse 5 50 10 A spotted horse wanders skittishly around here.
a brown stallion 4 50 8 A brown horse is here, nipping at a tuft of grass.
a mule 4 50 8 A stubborn mule is here.
a playful colt 3 25 6 A playful colt is running about here.

Clan Horses[]

Mob Lvl MVs Regen Clan Description
a shadow stallion 17 50 34 Myrddraal; Dreadguard A black shadow stallion paws the ground here, fiery-red eyes shining with evil.
a battle-trained gray destrier 16 50 32 Hand of the Light A battle-trained destrier stands here.
a white destrier 16 50 32 Lion Warden A white destrier stands here proudly, alert for battle.
a red roan steed 16 50 32 Wall Guard A placid red roan steed is here, caparisoned with the banner of a golden fist.
a donkey wearing a patchwork blanket 16 50 32 Gleemen A donkey wearing a patchwork blanket stands here.
a pale destrier 16 50 32 Gaidin; Valon Guard; White Tower A pale destrier stands here, adorned with the white flame of Tar Valon.
a battle-trained Shienaran warlander 16 50 32 Shienaran Lancers A battle-trained Shienaran warlander stands here, vigilant of its surroundings.
a fine piebald rouncey 16 50 32 Civil Watch A piebald rouncey stands here, its mane plaited with ribbons.
a Tairen destrier 16 50 32 Defenders of the Stone A Tairen destrier barded in black and gold stands here.
a golden-maned steed 16 50 32 Illian Companions An Illianer golden-maned steed stands here observing its surroundings.
a sturdy fell pony 16 50 32 Illuminators A sturdy fell pony stands here, multi-colored tubes protruding from its saddlebags.
a red Andoran charger 16 50 32 Lion Warden A red Andoran charger stands here, pride of her Majesty's stables.
a jet black courser 16 50 32 Red Eagles A jet black courser stands here, clad in the red-and-gold livery of Manetheren.
a silver-haired thoroughbred 16 50 32 Thiefbane A silver-haired thoroughbred stands here, alert for its master's whistle.
a blood bay stallion 16 50 32 Winged Guard A blood bay stallion is here, pawing the ground restlessly.
a tall bay stallion 16 50 32 Dragonsworn A tall bay stallion stands here, ears alert for danger.
a dappled gray courser 16 50 32 Wisdoms A dapple gray courser with a finely brushed coat dances from spot to spot.
a Domani cut-throat razor 16 50 32 Sword and Hand A cut-throat Domani razor stands here tossing its head.
a black and ivory stallion 16 50 32 Legion of Unity A black and ivory stallion stands here, still as night.
a blood bay charger 16 50 32 Imperial Army A blood bay charger stands here ready for adventure.
a large destrier 16 50 32 Rising Sun A large destrier stands here, wearing full barding etched with a rising sun.
a long-eared mule 16 50 32 Kandori Merchants' Guild A long-eared mule is here, looking hardy.
a raken Morat'raken A grey-skinned winged animal is here.
a sleek well-trained torm Morat'torm A sleek well-trained torm glares fiercely about.
an armored white cavalry horse Children of the Light An armored white cavalry horse stands here, ready for battle.
an armored black stallion Deathwatch Guard An armored black stallion paws the ground.

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