Horse equipment encompasses items which can be equipped on horses and other ridden mounts. Like players and some mob types, horses have various slots which can equip these items.

Most Horse Eq grants MVs bonuses, while certain specialized pieces allow for effects such as hitching wagons.

In addition, a few pieces are clan-specific, and can only be picked up and used by members of the appropriate clan.

List of Horse Eq

Item Slot MVs Weight Rent Value Notes
a blue-laquered leather saddle Waist 6.0 lbs Raken saddle
a bridle made of leather Head 5 1.0 lbs 2 5
a decorative horse donning Cloak 5 10.0 lbs 3 20
a high-cantled saddle Waist 10 12.0 lbs 2 18
a hitching harness Cloak 7 10.0 lbs 2 4
a pair of wicker panniers Cloak 1.0 lbs 2 5 Holds ?? lbs
a war saddle with stirrups Waist 20 12.2 lbs 157
a worn saddlebag Belt 0 0.1 lbs 2 14 Holds 39.9 lbs
gleaming horseshoes Feet Dark Eq
iron horseshoes Feet 10 0.1 lbs 4 18


Item Base Item
a heavy horsetunic a hitching harness


get all.horseeq pack
You get a high-cantled saddle from a backpack.
You get a bridle made of leather from a backpack.

equip warhorse all.horseeq
You only have so many hands! (Unfortunately you can't equip all your horse equipment at once.)

equip warhorse horseeq
You equip a warhorse with a bridle made of leather.

equip warhorse horseeq
You equip a warhorse with a high-cantled saddle.