Hunters are the independent, self-reliant sort of characters which have an easy time developing proficiency in navigation, survival and tracking type skills. Depending on stats a hunter can choose to go abs, dodge or combo and span the range of offensive playstyles from stab to bash to charge as well. Hunters with particularly well-balanced stats have been known to train and play one way only to later reset their pracs and train and play a completely opposite style. This is possible mainly because hunters have the only balanced practice equations in the game. Hunter skills cost hunters 1 prac per training session while warrior and rogue skills both cost 2 pracs per session.

Formerly known as Rangers, the class underwent a name change during an update on February 8, 2002.

Stat Modifiers[]

*Str:  0
*Int:  0
*Wil:  0
*Dex:  0
*Con:  0

Practice Costs[]

Warrior: 2
Hunter:  1
Rogue:   2


Main article: Hunter skill


Hunters have the unique ability to Autotrack, allowing them to automatically read tracks on foot and on horseback, rather than having to manually track, based on their proficiency in the Track skill as well as their Ride level, if mounted.

Damage Bonus vs Flora/Fauna[]

Hunters receive an extra 50% damage multiplier (rounded down to the nearest integer) against mobs of the Animal, Bird, Fish, Fowl, Horse, Snake, and Tree types, applied before any honing bonus to their weapon.