Weave Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Clan? No
Elements 3A 3W
Sps 15 SPs
Pulses 14
Duration n/a
On Self? Yes
On Engaged? Yes
While Engaged? Yes

Ice Spikes is a high-damage weave that can be practiced by male and female channelers. The weave hurls deadly spikes of ice at the target, doing a large amount of damage when weather conditions are ideal. The Ice Spikes weave is highly weather-dependent, delivering high damage in cold weather and much lower damage (due to "melting" spikes) in hot weather.

The hot weather equivalent of Ice Spikes is Fireball.

Syntax: channel 'ice spikes' <target>


Testing suggests the following approximate damage values for Ice Spikes, according to temperature:

Temperature Damage
70-95 degrees 8d7 (about 32 damage on average)
60-65 degrees 8d9 (about 40 on average)
0-55 degrees 8d16 (about 68 on average)

The distribution of possible values for damage is very broad, particularly in cold weather, meaning there is a lot of variation in how much damage ice spikes will do. Based on the values above, 95% of ice spikes in cold weather would do between 43 and 93 damage.


The Ice Spikes weave is relatively inexpensive to practice, requiring only 3 air and 3 water, and it is available for both clanned and unclanned channelers. Therefore, most channelers learn Ice Spikes as one of their primary offensive weaves.


Ice Spikes is very useful in southern PK, as many of the central areas of the world have a temperature that is usually (or always) cold. In northern PK, however, Ice Spikes is often not ideal. The temperature in the Blight is always hot, which will cause the damage of Ice Spikes to be greatly reduced. Areas near the Blight are often hot as well.

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