Illian city map

Illian is the capital city of the kingdom of Illian. The city comprises two zones, City of Illian and King's Palace and Council Hall. The city is also home to the clan base of the Illian Companions.


Entrances and Exits

  • North Gate - Inside the North Gate of Illian. It is 7n of the central fountain in the Square of Tammaz. Note that the gate does not lock.


Two Coach routes connect Illian to farther areas. Just North of the city, a coach service connects to Whitebridge, while a coach location just Northwest of the city connects to Amador.


Home port of riverboat The Hummingbird, Illian is a stop on the River ship service along the River Arinelle, connecting to Whitebridge and Irinjavar.

Home port of the ocean ship Horn of Valere and the Illian Companions clan ship The Golden Bee.

Additionally, a cargo vessel is available for hire, sailing between Illian and Mayene.



Banking services are located in Bank of Illian 7s 5e 1s of the central fountain in the Square of Tammaz.


A high-level Inn, Cozy Room, (the inn name is Easing the Badger) can be found 7s 3w 1s 1u 1s of the central fountain in the Square of Tammaz.


Stabling can be found in Illian Stables, 4n 3e of the central fountain in the Square of Tammaz.

Practice Mobs

Master Blacksmith

The Master Blacksmith of Illian is located in the Blackened Forge, 7s 1e 1n of the central fountain in the Square of Tamamz, for players who wish to Hone and Harden their weapons.


The Leatherworking Guild is located ?



Crier Quests

Crier quests may be started by speaking to the Illian town crier located at the central fountain in the Square of Tammaz, 7s of Inside the North Gate of Illian. 

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