Zone Statistics
Zone 164 - Illian Peninsula.png
Release date Unknown edit
Status Active
Region Illian
Number 164
Grid Unknown edit
Repop Unknown edit
Creator Molliwiede

Illian Peninsula is a zone located in the nation of Illian.

Zone Connections


Name Search Lock Pick Key Room
paneldoor 0% Yes <84% [[a simple key]] In the Homestead



Item Room Qty. Notes
a cast iron cooking pot Cider Mill 1
a handful of corenroot Verdant Meadows 1
a large wooden raft River Clogged With Barges 2
a small canoe Boat Launch
Illian Road Along the Limestone Cuesta
a walking staff Limestone Cliffs 1
a cask of cider Cider Mill 1
an apple Apple Orchards Near the Ocean 5


Item Room Qty. Notes
a clear pond Pond In the Lee Of the Levee 1
a flatbed wagon Cider Mill 1
a hanging lantern Merchant Road Outside the Gates of Illian 1
a ledge wagon Climbing Onto the Granite Outcropping 1
a table The Lighthouse 1



Mob Room Qty. Notes
Patros Leander River Pirates' Hideout 1 With 2x dark skinned men
a vengeful widower In the Homestead 1 With 2x shifty young men


Mob Room Qty. Notes
a brown stallion Corral
a draft horse Cider Mill 1
a dun mare Corral
a playful colt Corral
an Illianer steed Various
Ridden by an Elite Illian Companion
Ridden by an Illian Companion Sentry


Mob Room Qty. Notes
a black cat
a black dog
a brown deer
a burly bighorn sheep
a busy bee
a coyote
a crab A Secluded Cove On the Sea of Storms 3
a croaking frog Pond In the Lee Of the Levee 3
a dark skinned man River Pirates' Hideout 2 With Patros Leander
a fade Beneath the Plains 1 With 3 ramshorned trollocs
a floating spirit Shipwreck 4
a gull
a handsome stag
a hard-working farmer 1
a huge mountain lion On Top Of the Granite Monolith 2
a journeyman blacksmith Climbing Onto the Granite Outcropping 1
a large plains bear
a large silvery fish River East Of an Island 4
a little girl 1
a plains lion
a ramshorned trolloc Beneath the Plains 3 With a fade
a raven
a red wolf
a rooster
a shifty young man In the Homestead 2 With a vengeful widower
a silvery fish Confluence Of the Channels
Large Boulder In the River
River South of Bridge Footings
a slimy little slug
a timid fawn
a turtle Pond In the Lee Of the Levee 1
a vulture Illian Road At the Bend 2
a well-traveled merchant 1
a worker 1
an Elite Illian Companion Wanders 1 With 3 Illian Companion Sentries
an Illian Companion Sentry Wanders 3 With an Elite Illian Companion
the ancient tree In the Deep Dark Swamp 1
the angry tree In the Deep Dark Swamp 2
the Coachman Coach Stop at a Path into the Cuesta
Coach Stop Overlooking the Breakers
the lone wolf
the piranhas Confluence of Channels 1
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