Shop Info
Release date Unknown edit
Type Grocery
Location Sinking Village
Proprietor Unknown edit
Hours 9 am - ??, ?? - ??
Sell Rate 1x
Buy Rate Unknown edit
Special Unknown edit

In the Tidy Home is a Grocery shop located in the Sinking Village.

Note: this was taken some hours after boot. The information below needs to be rechecked just after boot.

Inventory on Boot

Item Cost Notes
a backpack 16 coppers
a basted turkey leg 4 coppers
a belt pack 100 coppers
a dagger 12 coppers
a lantern 5 coppers
a loaf of bread 5 coppers
a mirrored lantern 20 coppers
a mug of ale of stout ale 5 coppers
a mutton shank 11 coppers
a small leather sheath 4 coppers
a sword sheath 15 coppers
a water skin of water 3 coppers
an oilstone 10 coppers