Weave Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Clan? Yes
Elements 7E 7F 7S
Sps 50 SPs
Pulses 25
Duration 1
On Self? No
On Engaged? Yes
While Engaged? Yes

Incinerate is technically a status ailment weave, and successfully weaving it upon a target will reduce them to Critical health. If the target is still alive when the weave's duration expires, they will fall dead where they stand, and any equipment they were wearing or holding will be turned to ash and destroyed.

Like any other status ailment weave, for a brief period of time, the Incinerate flows can be held; this has no mechanical benefit, as the target will still burn to ash if they have the Incinerate status ailment when the tick expires. However, if you instead release the flows, the target will not die and will simply remain at Critical health.

On a certain percent chance, the Incinerate weave will land successfully, but with devastating side-effects. This can include rebounding on the channeler, bringing them to Critical health as well, or rebounding on another target or multiple targets in the room.

Incinerate can be woven on a target who is under the effect of the Freeze weave, which applies the Incinerate status but ends the effect of Freeze. If you reweave Freeze, the target will still burn to ash when the tick ends.

Syntax: channel 'incinerate' <target>