Inns are buildings containing innkeeper mobs in which players can rent, allowing them to leave the game while retaining all of their items. Inns come in two types; normal inns cater to players of all levels, while certain low-level inns only serve players of level 10 or below. Additionally, items can be stored in inns, giving players 10 slots in each inn to store belongings off of their person in safety, for a price.

Clan Rents

Saying 'sleep well and wake' in a clan rent will immediately idle rent the player. This can be used even when a player has the status NO QUIT or has too many items to rent normally.






Location Room Type
Amador Reception of the Oak and Thorn High-Lvl
Baerlon Reception of the Stag and Lion High-Lvl
Bandar Eban Wind's Favor Inn High-Lvl
Caemlyn Reception of the Queen's Blessing High-Lvl
Cairhien The Bunch of Grapes High-Lvl
Cairhien The Defender of the Dragonwall High-Lvl
Cairhien The Long Man High-Lvl
Far Madding Reception of the Golden Wheel High-Lvl
Four Kings Low-Lvl
Glancor The Miners Retreat Low-Lvl
Illian Easing the Badger High-Lvl
Lugard Low-Lvl
Maradon Reception of the Laughing Merchant High-Lvl
Mayene Reception of the Soaring Hawk Inn High-Lvl
Samarin A Dimly Lit Corridor High-Lvl
Stedding Shangtai The Staid Inn Shangtai High-Lvl
Tanchico High-Lvl
Tar Valon Reception of the Woman of Tanchico High-Lvl
Tear Reception of the White Crescent High-Lvl
Watch Hill Reception Low-lvl
Whitebridge The Wayfarer's Rest Inn Low-Lvl



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