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HPs MVs Dmg
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Height Weight BMI
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Joncask Niedal is a humanoid? quest mob that loads at one of a number of preset locations chosen randomly at boot throughout the game.


"Joncask Niedal moves with the grace of a cat.

A tall, wiry man of middling age has the light of curiosity and enthusiasm in his dark eyes. He is dressed in sturdy, practical clothing, sleeves rolled up and ready to work. He has a refined air about him, yet his hands are chapped and calloused. Though not physically imposing, the way he balances his weight, and his vigilant expression make him seem like someone not to dismiss out of hand."

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As of September 2021, Joncask has moved permanently to Far Madding.

You can find him in the Nethvin Market, which is close to the Tear Gate.


Joncask protects himself with "Wizkill".


Item Slot Rarity

He wields "an obsidian bladed scalpel".


4 quests, 10 qps each

Joncask Niedal says 'One is held by a particularly vain Domani man.'

Joncask Niedal says ''Vain Domani,' Right, I see you laughing.'

Joncask Niedal says 'Narrow it down a bit? THIS particular Domani serves in court.'

Joncask Niedal says 'He is absolutely obsessed with his his appearance.'

Joncask Niedal says 'Always gazing into a mirror and reciting poetry.'

Joncask Niedal says 'Ask him about 'special items'.'

Joncask Niedal says 'Another item was stolen by a darkfriend, hoping to curry favor with his masters.'

Joncask Niedal says 'Still another is for sale by a captain in Illian. Ask about 'special items.''

Joncask Niedal says 'The final bit is fine silvery sand, but I will need four pouches.'

Joncask Niedal says 'It must be SILVERY sand, and fine grained.'

Joncask Niedal says 'I like it dry, very dry, like a desert in there.'

Joncask Niedal trails off, smiling slightly at some passing thought.

Joncask Niedal says 'You know where to find sand?'

Joncask Niedal says 'This sand is only held by the leaders, there are several.'

Joncask Niedal says 'You may have to take it by force.'

Joncask Niedal says 'Listen carefully, so you do not get cheated:'

Joncask Niedal says 'I will reward ONCE for EACH completed mission, four total.'

Joncask Niedal says 'You do not have to complete them all at once.'

Joncask Niedal says 'When ready, give me the items ONE AT A TIME, and wait for instructions.'

Joncask Niedal says 'Now get going, I have work to do.'