Kill is a command to attack the specified target. Note, this may not work on flying targets if they are outdoors. 'Kill' is synonymous with 'k' or 'hit'.

In Game DescriptionEdit[edit | edit source]


Syntax:  kill <victim>        hit <victim>

The use of 'kill' or 'hit' starts a battle with whomever you attempt to kill.

> kill elk

Advanced Usage:

> kill male             - attack a male PC or NPC
> kill female           - attack a female PC or NPC

> kill human            - attack a human PC
> kill trolloc          - attack a Trolloc PC
> kill fade/myrddraal   - attack a Myrddraal PC 
> kill dreadlord        - attack a Dreadlord PC

* Press <Return> to continue, q to quit *>

> k greyman             - attack a Greyman PC
> kill seanchan         - attack a Seanchan PC
> kill ogier            - attack an Ogier PC
> kill aiel             - attack an Aiel PC

> kill light            - attack any human, Seanchan, Ogier or Aiel PCs
> kill dark             - attack any Shadowspawn PCs

> kill wanted           - attack a PC who is warranted by the justice clan 
                          in which you serve

> k <clan name>         - attack a PC in a specific clan. 

    Note the following exceptions:
    > kill red          - attack a PC in the Red Ajah
    > kill eagle        - attack a PC in the Red Eagles

* Press <Return> to continue, q to quit *>
    > kill white        - attack a PC in the White Ajah
    > kill tower        - attack a PC in the White Tower, inc. Novices, 
                          Accepted, Ajahs, Tower Guard and Gaidin
    > kill leopard      - attack a PC in the White Leopards

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