Knock is a command to use on a door if there is one visible from your current room. This is often used for a clan member to use mobol to open a door into their clan rooms. It is also used to be seen by someone in the room on the other side.

The 'knock' weave does not currently exist in game.

In Game DescriptionEdit[]

The 'Knock' weave:
The writings of Sedai Allarawien clearly allude to a forgotten weave, 
known before the Breaking, that could instantly knock shadowspawn 
senseless. According to the histories, its use was often decisive. It 
is revealed to be exceptionally demanding, and is rumored to leave the 
channeler in a state of terrible fragility. The browns have made 
significant headway into its rediscovery, but refuse to teach the 
weave until the after-affects lessen.

The 'Knock' action:
Syntax:  knock <door>

Knocking on a door of any kind will alert others on the opposite side of your
presence and intentions, and they may choose to open up for you or not.

> knock gate