Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level XP
Unknown edit Male 70
HPs MVs Dmg
770 - 784 N/A
Height Weight BMI
Unknown edit Unknown edit Unknown
Aggro Unknown edit
Status effects Perma-WvD
Special Smob


Korvak is a humanoid? smob located in Northern Shayol Ghul.


"Korvak the Bandit Leader.

A scruffy giant of a man in ill-fitting armor looks confident that he can handle you, and whomever else is unfortunate enough to stand with you."

Keywords: bandit, male, man, smob


Zone Room Qty. Notes
Northern Shayol Ghul A Darkened Bunker 1

Korvak and his henchmen are found in a cave northwest of Shayol Ghul. Travel northwest along the path beginning near the shadowsmith until you find the "Dusty Cave". Korvak is found behind the "rubbledoor" and the "tunneldoor" in "A Darkened Bunker".


Korvak is permanently warded vs damage. He is protected by five rough-looking henchmen.

The current optimal strategy is to have a master mob engage Korvak, due to his emote damage.


Item Slot Rarity
a full metal helmet and visor Head 2/2
a shimmering pendant of obsidian Neck 1/2
a shining steel breastplate Chest 2/2
a pair of ebony-steel plate vambraces Arms 2/2
a pair of heavy metal gauntlets Hands 2/2
a dark, grim axe Wielded 1/2
a titanic spiked axe of ebon steel Wielded 1/2
a pair of ebony-steel plate greaves Legs 1/2
a pair of steel-plated greaves Legs 1/2
a pair of thick metal boots Feet 2/2
a soft leather pouch Inventory 2/2
a gold crown (20) Inside a soft leather pouch 2/2


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