A character or mob's Level is a means of measuring their overall power and prowess. The higher Leveled a player or mob is, the better they are, in general, at fighting and surviving.

Experience points (Exp or XP) are the units that a player character accumulates to increase in Level. While mobs also have a level, they do not gain experience and so cannot progress to a higher.

Players start at level 1 and can reach a maximum level of 51.


The following areas are affected by PC Level:

The following areas are affected by mob Level:

Gaining Levels[]

Levels can only be gained by accumulating experience through combat, whether with mobs or vs other player characters in PK. Only one experience level may be gained at a time.

Losing Levels[]

Levels are lost as the result of loss of Exp from dying. As with gaining levels, only one experience level may be lost at a time.

Experience points required per Level[]

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