Lights are items which can be used to light up dark rooms. When held, lights are equipped in their own dedicated slot.

Each light comes preset with a certain duration of use, measured in game tics. When fully depleted, a light will no longer function and cannot be recharged.

List of light sources


Item Duration Weight Rent Value Notes
a brass storm lantern 900 tics  0.8 lbs  | | | | |
a crystal lightstick 1500 tics  0.5 lbs  12 20 | | | | |
a lantern 240 tics  0.2 lbs  1 5 | | | | |
a luminescent opal disc 0.3 lbs  n/a | | | | |
a mirrored lantern 360 tics  0.4 lbs  2 20 | | | | |
a sphere of the Source | | | | |
a strange black candle 10 tics  0.1 lbs  5000 20 | | | | |
a tapered wax candle 6 tics  0.3 lbs  1 2 | | | | |yesCraftable
a torch 15 tics  1.0 lbs  0 3 | | | | |


Item Base Item
a cast iron fire eating torch a torch
a thick square candle made of beeswax a tapered wax candle


Item Description Notes
a campfire A campfire burns slowly, sending smoke into the sky.
a glimmering lantern A glimmering lantern swings idly from a branch.
a hanging lantern An iron lantern hangs from the wall above the gate.
a smoky wall torch A smoky torch sits inside a sconce casting a dim light.
a streetlamp An oil lamp, set in a steel cage, hangs from a high wooden pole.

Inventory Management

New players occasionally have difficulty managing their inventory of viable lights and expired lights that have burnt-out. When a viable lantern and an extinguished lantern are carried in an inventory they register as being a plural amount of the same item ie. "[2] a lantern". They are not distinguished from one another unless they are specifically examined. If a burnt out lantern that was being held is removed with the intention of holding a viable lantern that is already in the inventory the player will need to "hold 2.lantern" or they will hold their already burnt-out lantern. Alternatively, the player could remove and drop the burnt-out lantern before bring a viable lantern into their inventory.

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