Weave Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Clan? Yes
Elements 2E 2A 4W 2S
Sps 12 SPs
Pulses 15
Duration n/a
On Self? n/a
On Engaged? n/a
While Engaged? No

Syntax: channel 'locate life' <keyword/name>


When Locate Life is weaved with a specific mob keyword as the target, it will relay any mobs aliased by that keyword it can find within the channeler's range, which is determined by proficiency in the weave. It gives up to 25 responses and tends to give a variety of responses that respond to the targeted word. Responses appear as follows:

a city lamplighter - [UWFhcXMgNiA5Y2U4NzgxYmJiIDI3] - somewhere far east of here.

First, it shows the mob or player's name. The code in brackets is the code used as the target for Traveling to that location. Finally, it shows the relative direction and distance.

It is important to note that when looking for other players, they must be located by using their name (for example, 'human' or 'trolloc' will not work and will instead relay locations of various mobs that respond to those words). Locate Life cannot be weaved while engaged in combat.

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