The Lugard Market Hall is an area that facilitates player to player commerce for a 10% house comission, frequently stocked by the Kandori Merchants' Guild but is available to all humans.


It contains 3 floors of brokers that deal in different wares. The first floor deals with equipment, the second floor deals with weapons, and the third floor deals in craft-related commodities.




Brokers which deal in selling wares, and aides that deal in buying wares. They are high level mobs (level 70) and they will narrate if aggravated.

Merchant guards will wonder the halls. They are not affiliated with any clans, but they will attack Darkside players.

Kandori Representative deals with the Kandori Merchant Guild that frequent the establishment. He will assist memebrs of the Kandori Merchant Guild.

Using the Market Hall:

There is a broker (and usually an aide) in each room that deals in a specific type of merchandise (such as the bodyware broker on the first floor, the spear/staff broker on the second, and the token broker on the third).

To gain instructions you can say in each broker's room, "help", "buying", "selling"

To sell at the item , you have to give the AIDE a item that meets 2 criteria: 1) it is pristine condition and 2) it is from a list of items that they accept (you can find the list with "say buying"). After you give them the item, you say "offer sale [Item keyname]" (the keyname can be found with "say buying").

To buy an item, give the correct gold to the BROKER. You can find the correct gold cost with "sayin buying".

To see if there are certain items are in stock, there is a poster that is found in each of the 3 floors. If you read the poster, it will list you the items available and how long they have been available.

Current Price List

Materials broker

125 gold crowns

  • 2 BARs of iron
  • 2 wooden POLEs
  • 2 KNOTs of leather straps

Token broker:

700 gold crowns

  • crafting TOKEN

7000 gold crowns

  • SILVER crafting token

Sword broker

150 gold crowns

  • A BONE handled blade
  • an AMBER hilted iron sword
  • a silver PLATED sword
  • a RING quillioned sword
  • a razored FALCATA
  • a blue steel SCIMITAR                    
  • a pearl handled SABRE
  • a ruby worked RAPIER
  • an opal adorned TULWAR
  • an emerald FOIL

Weapons broker (spear/staff/polearm)

250 gold crowns

  • GOLD chased warspear

150 gold crowns

  • A blue TASSELED spear
  • a MAHOGANY spear
  • a YEW staff
  • a SUNGWOOD staff
  • a BLADED feather staff
  • a PINE javelin
  • a long HALBERD
  • a BLUE steel trident
  • a BARBED trident.

Flails broker

150 gold crowns

  • A two-handed BINNOL
  • a bronze chain SCOURGE
  • a dark BARBED flail
  • a FIREDROP handled bullwhip
  • a jewel handled QUIRT

Projectiles broker

20 gold crowns

  • A throwing KNIFE
  • a copper head throwing AXE
  • a long barbed JAVELIN
  • a throwing SPIKE

Shortblades broker

1000 gold crowns

  • a silver winged BASILARD

150 gold crowns

  • A blackened steel KRIS
  • a dagger of green JADE
  • a CURVED clear dagger
  • a RED stone dagger
  • a pair of steel SAI

Weapons broker (axe, club)

150 gold crowns

  • An ENORMOUS battle axe
  • a dark GRIM axe
  • a BRONZE axe
  • a SAW toothed axe
  • a TITANIC axe
  • a double headed WARHAMMER
  • a BONE club
  • a s'redit PROD
  • a metal banded CUDGEL
  • a silver banded MALLET

Jewelry broker

1500 gold crowns

  • a JEWELED wristcuff

250 gold crowns

  • OBSIDIAN pendant
  • GOLD ring

150 gold crowns

  • SHIMMERING chain of gold
  • gold and IVY ring

75 gold crowns

  • Kandori WRISTCUFF
  • KANDORI necklace

50 gold crowns

  • GATOR bracer
  • TORC of gleaming steel
  • IVORY necklace
  • SILVER ring

Headware broker

40 gold crowns

  • A full metal helmet with VISOR
  • RIMMED helmet
  • INSECTOID helmet
  • MURGOZ great helm
  • a camouflaged HOOD
  • a hood of FINELY spun cloth
  • a thick helmet of SUPPLE leather

Accessory broker

1500 gold crowns

  • an ONYX inlaid shield

250 gold crowns

  • A red ROBE

150 gold crowns

  • An earthen MANTLE
  • a black silver embroidered CAPE
  • A cuendillar BELT
  • A silver ETCHED shield

50 gold crowns

  • A STUDDED leather belt
  • A DULL black shield

Handwear broker

40 gold crowns

  • HEAVY metal gauntlets
  • FULL leather gauntlets
  • leather gauntlets covered with CHAINMAIL
  • MURGOZ gauntlets
  • dark GLOVES
  • BUCKSKIN gloves
  • EMERALD gloves

Bodywear broker

250 gold crowns

  • a GOLD breastplate
  • a MURGOZ steel breastplate
  • an ORNATE shirt

125 gold crowns

  • A SHINING steel breastplate
  • a finely TUNIC
  • a SUPPLE tunic of finely linked chain
  • or a leather JERKIN
  • a finely-tailored SHIRT
  • a BEARSKIN tunic

Armwear broker

100 gold crowns

  • GOLD vambraces
  • MURGOZ steel vambraces

75 gold crowns

  • riveted SLEEVES
  • TOOLED sleeves
  • DYED sleeves
  • CLOTH sleeves
  • FINELY-spun cloth sleeves

Legwear broker

150 gold crowns

  • GOLD greaves
  • MURGOZ steel greaves

75 gold crowns

  • Ebony GREAVES
  • riveted LEGGINGS
  • TOOLED leggings
  • DYED leggings
  • loose CLOTH breeches
  • earthen BREECHES.

Footwear broker

40 gold crowns

  • THICK metal boots
  • animal FUR boots
  • silver TOOLED boots
  • MURGOZ' boots