Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level XP
Unknown edit Female 80
HPs MVs Dmg
880 - 896 N/A
Height Weight BMI
>63 in <125 lbs Unknown
Aggro Unknown edit
Room effects Anti-channel
Special Smob


Magita the Mercenary Queen is a humanoid? smob found in the Coastal Fortress east of Illian. While she is occasionally killed as a smob, Magita is not actually aggressive and members of the Illian Companions and Tairen Defenders of the Stone can negotiate with her to capture the fort to serve their cause.


"Magita the Mercenary Queen lounges here.

Pouting lips and deep brown eyes are framed by soft blond tresses and her buxom figure is obvious even under the armor. Once famed for her beauty, she is now better known for her cunning plays in daes dae'mar."

Keywords: Magita, mercenary, queen, woman, smob


Zone Room Qty. Notes
The Sea of Storms A Gilded Cage 1 Behind locked "whitedoor"


Magita loads without guards in her room. To access her you must acquire a heavy iron key and a delicate key of oak. Kill the patrol of mercenary bandits at "The Great Hall" to acquire the heavy iron key. Unlock the "irondoor" at "Glass-Roofed Atrium" and travel west. The delicate key of oak is found on a mercenary bandit patrol consisting of 6 mobs outside the "whitedoor" at "Top of the Stairwell". Magita's safe opens upon her demise. Magita is no channel as is the vast majority of the Coastal Fortress. There are at least 4 patrols of 6 mercenary bandits that roam the fortress and a small patrol in front of the fort. Many of these patrols will actively chase and engage intruders.


Item Slot Rarity
a shining steel breastplate Chest 1/1
a wide leather wristband (2) Wrist 1/1
an amber hilted iron sword Wielded 1/1
a bronze belt of odd design Waist 1/1
a soft leather pouch Belt 1/1
a thin vial of yellow fluid (2) Inside a soft leather pouch 1/1
a pair of soft leather trousers Legs 1/1
a pair of soft, earth-colored, leather boots Feet 1/1
a sheet of paper (7) Inventory 1/1
a signed proclamation of allegiance Inventory 1/1
a strongbox Ground 1/1
a silver Tar Valon mark (20) Inside a strongbox 1/1

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