Map is a command that displays a rudimentary, ASCII map of the world (Randland).

In Game Description[]

Syntax: map

As one would assume, this displays a map of the main continent of the
world as far as has been effectively charted in these times of troubles.

Map Key:
A Amador                         Ta Tanchico
B Baerlon                        V  Tar Valon
C Caemlyn                        W  White Bridge
D Deven Ride                     ^  Mountains
E Emond's Field                  *  forest
F Falme                          +  hills
H Watch Hill                     .  plains/grassland
K Four Kings                     |  road
F Falme                            village, small city
T Tear                           ,  abandoned/ruined city
t Taren Ferry                    s  Ogier Stedding

There are rumors of abandoned cities and villages in the Blight, slowly
but surely taken in by its evil. None have ever returned sound enough of
mind to be able to tell of them. These places have been excluded for this
reason, and to prevent those young ones with more bravery than sense from
doing things they should not. The locations of the settlements of the Ogier,
sometimes called Stedding, are equally uncertain.