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Miloh is a humanoid quest giver found in Whitebridge. He offers a non-repeatable quest chain that rewards players with various items and equipment upon completion, as well as a gold bounty on hillman warrior scalps.

He is located 4w from the Whitebridge town crier.

New players are sent to Miloh after completing all of the quests offered by Ferris, a quest giver located just outside of Tear. Miloh's quests appear to be intended for players between the levels of 11 and 30.verify?


"Miloh lounges alongside the road, scratching his beard.

Of average height and build, this nondescript man is constantly surveying the area for youngsters in need of guidance and adventure. His darkly tanned skin is in sharp contrast with his fair hair and a scruffy beard covers his narrow chin."

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Zone Room Qty. Notes
Whitebridge The North Gate of Whitebridge 1


Item Slot Rarity
a loose white shirt Chest 1/1
a thin pair of soft boarskin gloves Hands 1/1
a staff of alder Wielded 1/1
plain brown pants Legs 1/1
a pair of light leather boots Feet 1/1


Miloh has a number of different mobol responses, depending on the player's actions, quest status, and level.

Initial Greeting

Like other newbie quest mobs, when you enter Miloh's room he responds with the following mobol after a short delay:

Miloh grins at you.

Miloh says 'You look like a young adventurer in need of some work. If you want to go on a quest, just "say quest"!'

Miloh says 'If you are relatively new to the world, I suggest you "say tips".'

Miloh nods at you.

Quest Information

When you say 'quest' Miloh will respond with information regarding your current quest.

Repeating a Quest

The quests can only be completed one time. If you attempt to turn in the same reward more than once, you will get the following message:

Miloh says 'You've already done this errand!'

Character Under Level 10

Miloh will not give quest text to players that are under level 10verify?. Instead, he says the following:

Miloh says 'You're too inexperienced for my tasks, <playername>. Go see Ferris down east of Tear.'
Miloh says 'Come see me when you have a couple more levels.'

Character Over Level 30

Miloh will only offer quests up to level 30verify?. If you are too high level for his quests, he responds to 'quest' with this instead:

Miloh says 'You're too experienced for my tasks, <playername>.'

Main Quest List

Quest Items Reward
Clearing Trees the death scalp of the ancient tree slain in Andor Choice of:
Fearing the Worst a set of bloodstained papers 75 gold crowns (in a small purse)
Smoke Break a pipe a brass storm lantern
Stifling the Sentry the death scalp of a brigand sentry slain in Murandy Choice of:
Sending a Message the death scalp of a plains rogue slain in the Braem Wood


the death scalp of a female rogue slain in the Braem Wood

Choice of:
A Brutal End the death scalp of the hillmen chieftain slain in Andor Choice of:

Additional Bounties

Milo also offers a repeatable bounty for the scalps of the hillman warriors southeast of Baerlon. Each turn-in is worth 6 gold crowns (in a purse).

Follow-Up Newbie Quests

After completing Miloh's final quest, A Brutal End, he will say the player is beyond his ability to teach any more and refers the player to his cousin Lobrane D'shaq in Lugard for additional tasks. However, Lobrane does not offer any quests at this time (not yet implemented).Apr-2018


Miloh often has the text '(wizinvis)' following his in-room description. The text is not always present and it is currently unknown why this occurs or how to trigger it.

Even though Miloh will not issue quest information to characters that are level 10 and below, he will still accept turn-ins and provide the appropriate rewards. The same is true for characters over level 30. Therefore, if the player knows the correct items required, they can still complete the quests without seeing any of the initial quest text.

Miloh's quests can be completed in any order. Handing in the scalp of a plains rogue for Sending a Message, for instance, will not prevent the player from doing the proceeding or followup quests.

Miloh used to be located at 'the North Gate of Whitebridge' but was moved to 'The Pier' to reduce mobol usage as people walked past.

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