The selection of a character's homeland and class is an integral part of the character creation process. Homeland and character class combinations determine the possible stat combinations a player will be offered both during the statting process and later during a character's birthday age rerolls. The stat maximums a character can be offered are relatively well documented in the homeland article.

When rerolls were originally implemented, many players from historically favored homelands were dismayed to learn that it was virtually impossible to improve the statistics of their character because of the underlying distribution of their homeland and class combination. The most classic example of this is the Tarabon hunter and this is discussed in the article on rerolls. Interestingly, Tarabon itself produces excellent warriors so the issue is not necessarily with Tarabon, but with the homeland and class together.

Recently, Immortal evaluation has determined that several specific homeland and class combinations suffer from the flaw described above. Immortal staff have offered older characters the opportunity to change their homeland though certain restrictions do apply. A list of obsolete homelands and combinations is noted below.

New characters would be advised to avoid these homeland and class combinations as they are unlikely to allow upwarded stat mobility for your character with time.

Homeland Rogue Hunter Channeler* Warrior
Bearish X X X**
Beaked X
Tarabon X X
Altara X X
Amadicia X X
Arad Doman X X X
Ghealdan X X X
Mayene X X X
Murandy X X
Tear X

*Channelers who accept a homeland change may not transition to Andor or any Borderland homeland. If they wish to select those homelands they may continue to do so through the Rank 8 process.

**If you select a warrior from Bearish, you have a chance at 21 str, but only 17 con. It's not a bad choice, it's just very specific